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Euro Stars Gymnastics is a premiere gymnastics facility and training center in Plymouth, Michigan. We offer classes from parent and tot gymnastics through the highest competitive levels of gymnastics, and everything in between! Schedule a free trial class online!


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About Euro Stars Gymnastics

Euro Stars Gymnastics was the dream of two former National Olympic Team Members, Peter and Tania. Euro Stars is a family owned business that has provided gymnastics training to thousands of children and teens in the Plymouth-Canton, Northville and Novi areas for over 20 years.

As a previous recipient of the “Best of Plymouth Award”, we strive to be the best. We recognize the importance and responsibility that comes with families entrusting us with their child’s development. In 2019 and 2020 we were voted Metro Detroit’s best in Gymnastics and Cheer by fans of Vote4theBest.

Gymnastics Class Offerings

We welcome all children ages and skill levels, and believe that a child is never too old to find a love of gymnastics or tumbling.

We offer a variety of classes beginning with parent and tot classes for runners to age 3 year old, to beginner and intermediate classes for preschoolers and elementary-aged students. We also offer tumbling classes and boys gymnastics classes.

Competitive Gymnastics Program

Based in Plymouth, Michigan, our team program consists of Pre-team, Compulsory (levels 3-5), XCEL, Optionals (Level 6-10) and Elite and has gymnasts from Wayne County, Washtenaw County, Macomb County, Monroe County and Oakland County.

Whether your child has dreams of being a collegiate athlete, or your child just needs to burn some energy, we have a class or program right for you.

Class Schedule and Availability

We have space in some classes, these classes are looking for more students now! Request a trial on our Customer portal!

Class Name Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Parent and Tot 1-3 6:00-6:45 9:45-10:30
Preschool Transition 3 9:45-10:30
Preschool 1 3-4 10-10:45
4:45-5:30 10:45-11:30
Preschool 2 4-5 11:00-11:55 1-1:55
Kinder 1 4-6 1:00-1:55
5:30- 6:25
5:00-5:55 6:00-6:55 5:00-5:55



Mighty Stars Boys Age 4-6 5:15-6 pm



Class Name Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

Kinder 2 Age 4-6 Invite 4:25-5:55 5:40-7:10 1:30-3
Beginner Girls *with asterisk 9+ 5:15-6:10 4:00-4:55 4:10-5:05
Advanced Beginner Girls *with asterisk 9+ 6:20-7:15*
6:30-7:25 10:30-11:25
Intermediate Girls Age 6+ 6:00-7:30
6:45-8:15 11:30-1:00

Boys Beginner Age 5+ 4:00-4:55
Boys Advanced Beginner 6:00-6:55
Boys League Team Invite 6-8 pm

Class size is limited. Enroll online for classes where there is space. 

Class Name Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

Boys Tumbling Age 7+ 5:00-5:55
Tumbling and Trampoline 7:30-8:45
Tumbling 1 8+ 4:00-4:55
Tumbling 2 7-7:55 11:15-12:10
Advanced Tumbling 6:15-7:10
Mini Tumblers Age 5-8 4:10-5:05




We are currently taking a waitlist for gymnastics team try outs. If you are moving from outside the area, and new to Euro Stars, please call us at 734-737-9500 to schedule a work out.

Pre-team and team try outs are being scheduled. See our Try Outs page to pre-register.

Covid-19 Update

 Euro Stars Gymnastics has installed new air purifiers and continue to sanitize regularly. 

Waivers Required

New waivers will be required for all participants, as well as health screenings and temperature checks, until we feel confident. We will require hand sanitizer or hand washing upon entry. Gymnasts may have one person in the parent viewing area with them, but we ask that you do not enter the gym or allow siblings to wander.

Advertising Sponsors

Howard Commercial Door is a 2 year advertising sponsor of Euro Stars Gymnastics. Contact them for your steel and hollow metal doors for both interior and external use. THANK YOU!

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