class gymnastics

Frequently asked questions

Please note these apply to our recreational gymnastics, tumbling and preschool classes.

Developmental, team or high school programs may have program specific information.

What should my child wear?

For girls, a leotard with or without form fitting shorts are preferred. However, tight shorts and a shirt that can be tucked in is acceptable as long as it doesn’t get in the way of any apparatus. Two-piece outfits are not preferred.
For boys, shorts and a t-shirt that can be tucked in work best. Anyone with long hair should have it secure and out of the face. Long hair is best in a bun or braids.

How long are your classes?

Our classes vary based on attention span and skill development. Preschool classes are 45-55 minutes. Recreational classes are 55 minutes or longer depending on the class level.

Do parents need to stay?

Children under 5 must have an adult on site in case they need assistance in the restroom. If your child is older and you choose to leave, please be sure we have two numbers on file in case of emergency.

Can we watch?

We have a small waiting room that is connected to our small gym that also can view most of the main gym. We ask that parents refrain from trying to get their child’s attention during class. They could miss instruction from their coach and sometimes that could be dangerous. Often, older kids do better without a parent nearby because they are more focused and tend to not look for external approval as they work on skills. For privacy reasons, please refrain from taking photos or video.

How is billing done?

We bill monthly, approximately 5-7 days before the month begins. Payment is due on or before the 1st of the month. Once billed, your child must complete the next month. Not only does it impact your child, if a class size gets too low it impacts the coaches’ schedule and other families.

How long is your term?

Recreational classes are monthly with ongoing enrollment, except for Friday night and Saturday classes. We do not offer weekend classes in the summer. If a class goes below 4 students, we may cancel the class at the end of the month.

How do we stop classes?

You can submit a drop request in the customer portal. Please note we ask for at least 7 days before the next month begins for any schedule changes.

What class should I choose?

We offer one free trial per student. We have 4 classes for preschoolers and 4 school aged classes. Those with no experience generally are in Beginner. Advanced Beginner is for those who have the basics on apparatuses. Please request a free trial to ensure of a good fit.

if you need ASSISTANCE, please let us know. We are happy to assist.