Euro Stars Gymnastics offers Preschool Stay and Play, a chance for students to explore with a caregiver. This is during the school year only.

Stay and Play Toddler Open Play is for the younger members or young siblings of members who wish to explore the gym with their caregiver.

School Year Timings
Tuesday 1-2 pm
Friday 11 am – noon

REGISTER on our website to accept terms BEFORE entering the gym. Members only at this time.

$10 cash or card $11 . Exact change preferred. Siblings $5. Siblings who are non walkers or under 1, no charge.

Parents stay and supervise the children. Only water is allowed on the gym floor please!

Register in person, 5 minutes before Stay and Play. Any earlier and your child will be antsy! However, an on online account with waiver is required. Use the customer portal to register.

We know days don’t always go as anticipated so no pre-registration is necessary but you do have to have your membership profile online before entering the facility.

Family Friendly Events at a Convenient Location

We offer a safe and fun environment for our events. We have a separate mini gym for our preschoolers to explore and learn. We find that when children are new to gymnastics they want to explore, and that is great! But, we also recognize safety is of utmost importance, so while children are transitioning into the program we often start classes for our 2-4 year olds in the preschool gym. We offer day time classes for our tiny toddlers, as well as homeschool gym classes.