Start Your Child In Gymnastics

Euro Stars Gymnastics offers a variety of gymnastics and tumbling classes Monday-Saturday.

Euro Stars Gymnastics offers a variety of gymnastics, tumbling and fitness classes. Our gymnasts come from Plymouth, Northville, Canton, Livonia, Farmington, Novi, Belleville, Ypsilanti, Westland, South Lyon, Salem and more!

We offer free trials for many of our classes for new customers. We’d love for you to experience Euro Stars to see if its a good fit for you and your family.

Plans and Pricing

Classes are billed on a monthly basis. Students are guaranteed 4 offered classes each month.

Students will be allowed one make-up each month/

Miss a class? Sign up for a make up within a month of missing the class! No questions asked.

Do we have 5 Fridays this month? You have a Friday class? You get that last Friday free! If we are closed due to a holiday or weather, you will receive a make up for that day. We do not discount for holidays or missed classes.

Recreational Classes are registered for one class per week

45 minute independent class – $72mo
45 minute parent and tot class $70/mo
55 minute class – $84/mo
1 hour 30 minute class – $105/mo
2 hour class – $148/mo

Euro Stars Payment Policy

Credit Cards will be put on file and charged via Autopay the first business day of each month. A late fee may be added if your tuition is late. If you are non-responsive and do not pay your child’s class may be dropped. Returning is subject to balance payment and space availability.

Ways to Save

  • Register a second class for same child get that class 30% off!
  • Siblings registering? Get 10% off their classes

Annual Registration Fee Required

+ Save 30% on additional classes taken concurrently by the same child

– Not available to pre-team, team or developmental programs

+ 10% discount on your second child

Save on registration fee $25 for second child, 3rd child in the same family… registration is waived
– not applicable to pre-team or team program

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Which class is right for your child?

Most school-aged children begin with one class a week. Children who love the gym and are always creating mats out of your furniture may benefit from a 2nd class each week. This will help them safely progress in their skills. Your child’s second class each week will be discounted by 30% off the lower priced class.

Discounts are available for siblings as well. Siblings concurrently enrolled, receive a 10% discount off the lower-priced tuition.

Our preschool program includes:

  • Parent and Tot (ages 1-3)
  • Preschool transition (ages 3-4)
  • Preschool 1 (age 3-4)
  • Preschool 2 (age 4-5)
  • Kinder 1 (age 5, or 4 with approval)

Our recreational program includes:

  • Beginner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • In house Team

Our developmental program includes:

  • Developmental 1-4
  • JTP

Our pre-team program includes:

  • JTP+
  • PreTeam
  • Fun Bronze

One class is fine for most families. For those children who have a love for the sport and may have their eyes on pre-team or team, a second class will help them gain skills faster and work on muscle memory. After some time we recommend an evaluation for our session-based developmental program for those who wish to compete in gymnastics with Euro Stars Gymnastics.

What age is best to start gymnastics? Each family has different goals. Our Parent and Tot classes allows your child to be active and learn how to follow directions and interact with other children. However, we have new gymnasts who start taking recreational classes in middle school even!

We offer a variety of clinics and classes. For example, to move up from Beginner to Advanced Beginner , a gymnast should have a few specific skills, including a pull over with a light spot. Many girls are opting to take the Pull Over clinic in the summer so they will hopefully be ready for Advanced Beginner in the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll my child in classes? We offer a rolling admissions. If there’s room in the class that your child wishes to take and they have the pre-requisite skills, you can enroll! We can prorate the first month if the class has already begun.
What is your drop policy? Simply let us know in writing or via the customer portal, 7 days before the beginning of the next month, and we will remove your child from the class for the following month. They can always return as long as their registration is active and there is room in the class. If you request a drop after that 7 day deadline, your drop date will be at the end of the next month.
Can we change classes? Yes, you may, at the end of each month if you need to adjust your child’s schedule, just let us know and we can let you know of availability. Sometimes a coach will ask a child to change classes as well. We can work with you at the front desk to find options. Sometimes children need a class with more difficulty, or other times they need a shorter class while they mature. We want what’s best for your child’s progress and abilities!
Can my child only attend open gym? Our Stay and Play allows children walking on up to participate in an open gym style fun day. Parents stay and help their children or monitor them from the two large viewing areas. We offer support, but not individual coaching/supervision.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime or call us at 734-737-9500