Euro Stars Gymnastics Developmental Programs

Euro Stars Gymnastics offers developmental programs to help enhance the gymnastics experience and development for those gymnasts who show promise and a desire to compete for Euro Stars Gymnastics in the Future.

Our JTP Program (short for Junior Training Program) allows gymnasts to focus on shape, conditioning and proper technique, to help them more easily transition to the team program. Girls may prepare for JTP through taking Shining Stars and Conditioning, or Future Stars and conditioning. In general, girls should begin taking classes twice a week the January before they do try outs, if not earlier.

However, not everyone will be selected for JTP, and that’s okay! We have many options, including pre-team and our in-house team. Some gymnasts also need more time so taking recreational classes twice a week, instead of once, can help gymnasts with their skills and abilities. We also offer conditioning classes to help girls gain muscle, endurance and general conditioning/fitness.

Due to the merger of Mini team and JTP Euro Stars Gymnastics JTP program is a minimum of 2 hours per week. But 4 hours is recommended. 6 hours is encouraged for those who are able to commit to 3 days a week. Muscle memory is an important component to gymnastics so regular practice enhances the effort the gymnasts put in.

How will I know if JTP is right for my daughter?
Entering JTP can only occur through try out or recommendation by Euro Stars owner, Tania Geuorguiev.
Evaluations and try outs for our pre-team, team and developmental programs occur in spring for the following July-June session.

JTP Coaches
Our JTP coaches are Coach Sam and Coach Paula.

What to expect after JTP
Girls spend 1-2 years in JTP before moving into JTP+ (competitive JTP), Level 3 or XCEL Bronze or Silver. Girls can also opt to leave the developmental program and return to recreational gymnastics or choose our in-house team program.

Euro Stars Gymnastics “general” progression

Pre School Classes

  • Preschool classes begin with our parent and tot classes
  • Once a child is 3-4 and ready to try classes without an adult, they can join Tiny Twinkler or Tiny Twinkler Transition.
  • Tiny Twinkler is followed by Super Twinkler (Age 5 or approval) or Mighty Twinkler (Age 4.5 boys)

Recreational Classes

  • Age 6-7 Girls – Little Stars
  • Intermediate Shining Stars
  • Age 8+ Girls – Starter Stars
  • Intermediate Bright Stars
  • Age 5-6 Boys – Mighty Stars
  • Age 7+ Boys – Boys 1
  • Mini Tumblers Age 6-8
  • Tumbling Age 8+
  • Boys Tumbling Age 8+

Advanced Rec

  • Future Stars Age 6-9
  • Super Kinder age 4-5
  • 90 minutes once or twice a week or with added conditioning *age 5+

In House-team

Girls with select skills who wish to compete in recreational meets at Euro Stars. Requires a leotard.

Developmental Programs

Junior Training Program

JTP is a program that prepares girls for a future in competitive gymnastics, with a strong focus on conditioning, proper form and basic routines.

Our pre-team program competes in local fun meets (non-sanctioned meets) and requires a year-long commitment.

Have questions?

We understand that there are many questions you’ll have. Let us know how we can help answer your questions about our developmental programs.

Developmental programs are by invite or try-out only and while no contract is required, those who leave the program may not be able to return the same year if space or conditioning levels are impacted.
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